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Here are some frequently asked questions that we’ve also added as a permanent page at the top of the blog:

Q. What do I do when I accidentally create multiple feature sliders?

A. Delete the extra ones.  The trick is, for some reason, only super admins can delete them.

 Q.  How do make PDFs and other documents available for download?

A.  Create a documents page using the TCF template.  Select downloadable documents  module and upload documents using that interface.  Get the urls for the documents on the front-facing documents page.  Important – do not link to secure urls (https).  You have to delete the “s.” See this example:

 Q. How do I make it so photos don’t jam up against text in free text modules?

A.  Make the images PNG files that show transparency and add 5 px or 10 px of blank space to the image to create the desired space between the edge of the image and where the text will begin.  See this example:

 Q. How do I change the space between header links?

A.  Use CSS.

Example: ul.dropdown li a { display: block; padding: 4px 40px; color: #000;}

The 40px refers to the space between links.

 Q. How do I fix TCF template pages that get an error message when other people visit them?

A.  Go to the “Users” for that department and then group permissions and be sure to check “read” for everybody.  It’s not an issue for SPACES template sites, because permissions are inherited.


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