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Question post




I’ve created a link at the top of the blog where you can go to post questions. We’ll take them from there and create a post/thread out of them.



  1. Dan Bejmuk says:

    Hi Keith – do you see a ? (question mark) in the source of the page after you save it to the CMS when previewing?

    • Keith Parks says:


      Yes, when previewing the page in a browser there is a “?” character in the source code.

      To back up a couple steps, in the Free Text editing window > html editor, I paste in the character code & # x 2 2 6 0 ; (without spaces). When I click Update, the Free Text editor then displays the “not-equal” sign. If I hit the Submit button, the Free Text editor still displays the “not-equal” sign. When I close the Free Text editor, and then go back into that same Free Text module, a “?” has replaced the “not-equal” sign.

      This is the page:

      a couple lines down into the text



      • Dan Bejmuk says:

        Hi Keith,

        We just actually today deployed an update to the CMS to handle non-english characters…I have a feeling it may positively impact your issue as well…can you try it again please?

        thank you,

  2. Keith Parks says:

    Hi folks.

    I’m trying to post some text that includes the “not equal to” sign, but I’m having trouble.

    I’ve tried (in the html editor window) using both the character entity – ≠ – and the character number – ≠ – but both are getting stripped out by the system when I hit the Submit button, and replaced by a “?” character.

    Any ideas?


    NOTE: I don’t know what WordPress itself will do the the character codes above within my post, so hopefully this post will make sense.

    • Keith Parks says:


      WordPress displays the actual characters, and not the html source code that I typed in my post. Sigh… if only the CMS did the same.

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