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If you have questions about anything related to the Toolbox CMS please post them here, or email Greg Block at and we will post as a thread while trying to find a solution to your question.



  1. Keith Parks says:

    At some point in the past I was setting up a site in the CMS and noticed that each time I loaded a page a different header image was coming up. Aaron determined that it had something to do with my having uploaded several header images under the Program Layout Settings, but not having selected one. Or something like that.

    So now I *want* to have that effect (randomly rotating header images), but can’t figure out how to get it. Anyone know how I can achieve it?

    (I fear that the behavior was a bug before, and Aaron might have had the developers fix it.)



    • mannyuribe says:

      I don’t think the bug was fixed because I still run into that issue all the time. I can’t have more than one header image uploaded or else my pages (other than my homepage) will have the incorrect header. I’m not sure if it is random or something else. I usually just delete the header/s I don’t want. It would be nice to have the ability to show a different header image each time you load a page.

  2. Keith Parks says:

    Hi folks. I’m having a problem with an image upload in the CMS.

    It’s an image within a 4-across mini story lister. The first three images are fine, but when I upload the image for the 4th story, the system is shrinking the image down to 64px x 44px when it stores it, Then on the page, it blows it back up to 125 x 85, so the image is coming out all fuzzy and crappy looking.

    The file I’m uploading is properly sized at 125 x 85, an RGB jpg file. I’ve tried uploading other image files that I know are OK, for instance the image file for another story in the group. But when loaded for *this* story, the image gets shrunk. So it seems like it’s this particular story slot that is wonky, and not the image.

    However, I had an image successfully loaded for this story slot in the past. Just when I changed the story and tried to upload a different image is when the problem occurred.

    Has anyone had this happen before? Any ideas what the problem might be?

    This is the page , the “Mastering the Job Hunt” story.

  3. I’ve figured out a way to embed login forms in the CMS (without an iFrame) that will submit successfully and redirect the user to the target (external) site. Check out for an example. You can enter a RedID made up of all 7’s and the password ‘sample’ (no quotes) to try it out.

    The secret? A blank tag (literally just the open and close tags with nothing in between) in the module code, followed by the actual form. I cheated a little by taking out the javascript checker that was included with the original form, but that’s not even really a cheat because 1) the form works even if js is turned off, and 2) the checker would fail you even with js turned on (presumably due to a conflict with the CMS code).

  4. mannyuribe says:

    Has anyone experienced issues with a Toolbox homepage taking 7-8 seconds to load?

    • Dan Bejmuk says:

      Thanks Manny for the heads up with this – a system change was made last week to address the page loading and the system is now running as intended…thank you everyone for your patience.

  5. mannyuribe says:

    Has anyone been able to create an RSS feed from their Toolbox site?

    In the College of Education we have a news page with an RSS feed link and I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to make the switch to Toolbox with this page. We want to keep allowing users to subscribe to our news feed and get automatic updates.

    As for the current RSS module that can grab an RSS feed, is there a way to make it display additional RSS elements other than just the title and description? (e.g. author, pubDate, image, subtitle, etc.)

    • Dan Bejmuk says:

      Thanks Manny – the current RSS module is designed to be very general purpose…those other elements you’re referring to are specific to the feed you’re currently using. We can certainly look at adding to the road map the ability to choose from these different elements coming over in a feed so you can pick/choose which to display…how would that work for you?

  6. Keith Parks says:

    I’m trying to determine what permissions level to give someone.

    Is there any place that explains the difference between read/write permissions and the “admin” permission? What exactly can a read/write user NOT do that an admin user can?



    • Dan Bejmuk says:

      Yessir – here we go – department level user permissions at a glance:

      Read – this is for a public site that you want to limit access just to certain users. Until the system is integrated with a campus-wide authentication infrastructure where you can add an Active Directory group though this carries a significant administrative burden to setup. To make this work you’ll want to remove the ‘Everyone’ group read permission to block public access to a site/page.

      Write – this where you’ll have your content contributors. These folks can do anything within the toolbox in their designated department/program except edit department-level settings (when you click on a department folder) and they can’t grant further user’s permissions.

      Admin – This user an do everything the ‘write’ user can do plus the things mentioned the write user can’t within the designated department 🙂

      Hope this helps!

  7. Keith Parks says:

    Has anyone successfully added a Flash movie (.swf) into a free text area in the CMS? I’m following what would seem to be the correct steps, but I’m getting nothing on the page in a browser,,, just a white box. No error messages or anything.

    The page

    IT seems to be inserting a spacer gif into the page. :^(

  8. mannyuribe says:

    Have you noticed a 1px gap between DIVs on sites using the Spaces Template on mobile devices? For example, look at on an iPad, iPhone or Nexus 7 tablet. You might need to zoom in or out to see it, but there is a faint 1px gap between DIVs. They are most noticeable below the .content_inner_left_top, left_bottom, right_top, right_bottom DIVs. Apparently it’s an issue with how mobile browsers render DIVs with background images. (a lot of people blame Safari, but I’ve noticed the problem on Chrome for iOS and on the Nexus tablet, so I don’t think it’s just Safari).

    Anyway, I found a fix. Just add a -1px top or bottom margin to pull the DIVs closed. It’s not noticeable on desktop browsers and it gets rid of the line in mobile browsers. So for example I added the following CSS for the left side modules:

    .content_inner_left_top {margin-bottom: -1px; /* removes 1px space below this DIV on mobile devices */}

    .content_inner_left_bottom {margin-top: -1px; /* removes 1px space above this DIV on mobile devices */}

    I hope this helps someone.

    • blockgreg says:

      Thanks for pointing that out Manny. As with any site that isn’t built specifically for mobile, there are some things I’ve found that don’t quite work as they should. As an aside, we are working on a new SDSU homepage design that will incorporate responsive design, which will allow the site to adjust to whatever screen size it is being viewed on. We have also discussed adding responsive design to all the spaces templates. But there are some costs involved in that. I think once we see how it works on the homepage redesign, we may be able to make the case for responsive design for the rest of the CMS.

  9. Hello everyone,

    If you have not used any accordian code on your pages and would like to do so, here is the code. Just copy and paste this into your page and edit the question and answers.

    You can see what it looks like here…

    $(document).ready(function() {

    $(‘.accordionButton’).click(function() {
    if($(this).next().is(‘:hidden’) == true) {


    $(‘.accordionButton’).mouseover(function() {

    }).mouseout(function() {


    paragraph text before your accordian

    answer goes here

    answer goes here

    answer goes here

    answer goes here

    answer goes here

    answer goes here

    Block quote code

    • Welcome to San Diego State University’s School of Teacher Education
    • Making a difference in the lives of children, adolescents, and families since 1897.

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